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Protective Equipment - Roman Helmets
Buggenum and Mannheim Helmets

Buggenum Type Helmets (Late Montefortino):

A Buggenum Type Helmet, late first century BC, Nijmegen, NL, whereas Montefortino helmets have solid crest knobs, Buggenum type helmets have hollow ones. Bugenum helmets are usually without much decoration, simple and practical, and show a wider neck guard than the earlier Montefortino type helmets it is clearly dervied from. This type is though to cover the period of Caesar (parallel to the Mannheim type helmets)


More Montefortino Bugenum helmets, Axel Guttmann collection, (images Herrmann Historika Auction)

Also from the Axel Guttmann Collection

Image Herrmann Historica Auction 154, 2008

Courtesy and  property Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte di Trieste - Italy

Mannheim Type Helmets:

Mannheim type helmet, bronze, from Rhine river dredging, with articulated bordewr decoration, copy from RGZM Mainz, original at the Landesmuseum Karlsruhe

Mannheim type helmet, from Straubing, out of the Danube

Landesmuseum Bonn

Hermann Historika Auction


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