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Protective Equipment - Roman Helmets

Hagenau type helmets

Bronze helmet attributable to the Montefortino-Buggenum/Hagenau type (Hybrid type). Massive cast manufacturing with distinct hammer marks on the inside.   The helmet combines Buggenum Type features  (crest holder cast with bowl/no frontal protective bar) with a Hagenau-typical larger horizontal neckguard. Both cheek piece suspensions have survived, one of which is a clear repair carried out in iron (right hand side).
Dated:  Augustan
Private collection. Currently on display at Museum Carnuntinum ( Austria, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg)
Published: Exhibition catalogue "Legionsadler und Druidenstab, F. Humer, 2006," ISBN 3854602294"

Hagenau type helmet, first century AD, type developed out of the older Buggenum types, with very wide neck guard, and later a cross brow enforcement
British Museum
Hagenau type with owners inscription, Munich Archeological Museum

Haltern Museum

Bonn  Landesmuseum


Nijmegen Museum

another Hagenau, with owner's inscription, Leiden Museum

Herrmann Historika Auction

Late Hagenau or hybrid to a Weisenau helmet, Bonn Landesmuseum


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