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Protective Equipment - Roman Helmets:

Niederbieber type helmets

Below a particulary well preserved example of a Niederbieber type helmet in bronze (fotos from the catalogue "Römer zwischen Alpen und Nordmeer", private collection).
Note the additional cross-reinforcements of the skull, cheeks are missing. The helmet took a hit in the neck. Late second century AD, the most advanced helmet type developed by the Roman army

Iron helmet type Niederbieber with articulated x-bars and long neckguard. The rim of the neckguard folded over (upwards) to create the distinct impression  of edging. Cheek pieces only in fragmentary condition, however allowing for a complete reconstruction (see last image).
Dated:   approx 180-250 AD,  Private collection

Niederbieber Type helmet from the Frankfurt Archeological Museum, iron helmet with brass fittings from Heddernheim


A cheek piece matching with a Niederbieber Helmet (private collection)

Niederbieber type unfinished helmet from Rheinau-Buch, cheek pieces original, cross reinforcements reconstruction, missing frontal reinforcement

Niederbieber Type helmet from Friedberg, Hessen (copy from the RGZM Mainz, original lost in WWII, ex Darmstadt museum)

Two Niederbieber Type helmets (brass), from the Leiden Museum, NL

Brass Niederbieber type helmet from the former Axel Guttmann Collection, now in a German private collection. The transversal cross bar has been executed in iron, indicating a repair in antiquity

Images with white background Herrmann Historica Auction 154, 2008, Image with black background Christies Auction 2002-2004

Heddernheim Type 1 Helmet, with round knob

Frankfurt, iron skull with bronze ornaments (snakes), here copy from the RGZM Mainz, original at Frankfurt Archeological Museum


similiar decoration on a helmet from the Nijmegen Museum, NL

Heddernheim 1  helmet from the Leiden Museum, NL (face mask not belonging to the helmet)


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