Museum of Countermarks on Roman Coins
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11. Various Countermarks:

  • Unknown Host Coins & Countermarks
  • Non-Roman Countermarks
  • Modern Countermarks
  • Fakes

  • Unknown Host Coins & Countermarks

    "CAESAR  CAESAR" on Unknown Host Coin

    Attribution unknown

    Delta Y"an Eastern Provincial countermark on a cistophorus, seemingly not yet described in the literature ?


    "Heads of Emperors"

    Augustus (?) on unknown coin


    Head of an Emperor (visiting the Eastern Provinces ?) on unknown host coin


    Another provincial coin with interesting countermarks (Look them up yourself in the book by Howgego)


    "TB C" on republican denarius
    maybe for Tiberius Caesar ?


    Countermark Greek Letters "Phi"  plus aramaic letter "T" (?)
    on Nero Sestertius. Attribution unknown.


    Non-Roman Countermarks

    This coin from the king Attambelos III from Mesene, a little kingdom in the Tigris region (ca. 70 AD) shows a countermark that could be of roman origin as well (the X would suggest that), but little is known about this series. Traian and his legions reached this kingdom in 116/117 AD and gave it the status of a client kingdom to Rome.

    Head and Capricorn on a Greek Hellenistic or Roman Provincial coin


    Arabic Countermarks

    Arabic countermark on Antoninus Pius coin from Antiochia


    Modern Countermarks

    A modern countermark on an ancient coin of Traianus


    Modern Forgeries

    "PROB" fake on ancient (?) Claudius sestertius

    "TYP" on Claudius As (either a local countermark, or could be a modern forgery according to an expert)

    Modern fake "NCAPR", a common fake, several examples below

    "NCAPR", on Claudius sestertius. This one is a modern cast fake, as pointed out 1974/75 by Gregory Brunk in his
    3 part series, "The Ancient Countermarks", which appeared in the Nov., Dec. 1974 and Jan. 1975 issues of the "Numismatist".
    Below 4 more such fakes:


    A fake "GAL KAI" on Nero coin (cast copy)

    Modern fake TI*C*A*   countermarks on ancient barbarous imitation coin of Augustus

    more fake TI*C*A* countermarks

    A fake vandal  XLII countermark (modern punches)