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7. "NCAPR" and "NERCPP" Countermarks on Julio-Claudian Coins, commonly attributed to Nero (or maybe later ?)

This section covers the "NCAPR" countermarks, usually explained as  "Nero Caesar Augustus Probavit" or "Nero Caesar Augustus Populo Romano". Different subtypes of this relatively common countermark are attributed by some authors to originate in either Italy, Spain or Gaul.

Another possibility would be to read NCAPR as "Nerva Caesar Augustus Probavit". This hypothesis is supported by a Vespasian dupondius with the "NCAPR" countermark, making an attribution to Nero very unlikely.

The much less common "NERCPP" on the other hand clearly refers to Nero Caesar Pater Patriae

(countermarks Martini Pangerl Collection 1, MPC 20, and MPC 60)

"NCAPR", on a Claudius sestertius.

Another "NCAPR", on Claudius sestertius. This one is actually a modern fake, as pointed out 1974/75 by Gregory Brunk in his
3 part series, "The Ancient Countermarks", which appeared in the Nov., Dec. 1974 and Jan. 1975 issues of the "Numismatist".

5 examples of "NCAPR", on Agrippina I sesterti

"NCAPR", on Divus Augustus sestertius of Tiberius

"NCAPR" on Antonia Dupondius

"NCAPR" on Tiberius or Germanicus AE (?)

"NCAPR" on brockage coins (Gallic mint Claudius sesterti)


GALBA countermark above cancelled NERCRPP countermark, also head left countermark