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Countermarks of Augustus

1.1. Countermarks on Nemausus and Spanish Provincial Coins of Augustus:

Countermarks covered in this section are "AVC", "DD", "IMP", "IMP lituus", "PP", little "Wheel",  "Eagle Head",  "AVL", also a rare "Anchor" fleet countermark of the Actium period

common countermark on Nemausus AEs found in the lower Rhine region, below in combination with IMP (countermark MPC 18), please note that AVC is in mirror writing
(countermark Martini-Pangerl Collection 8)


"D branch D" on Nemausus As of Augustus, possibly municipal origin from Gallia (Decretio Decuronium)
(countermark Martini-Pangerl Collection 15)

"DD" on a spanish provinical coin during the reign of Augustus


"IMP ligature" on halved Nemausus As of Augustus, a type found in the Germania Inferior region in legionary camps
(countermark Martini-Pangerl Collection 16)


Nemausus As with "IMP" and "IMP Lituus" on obverse (countermarks Martini-Pangerl Collection 18 and 17)

"P  P" punched countermark on Nemausus As of Augustus, Gallia-Germania, for Pater Patriae, (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 22)
scan to follow

"Little Wheel" countermark on 3/4 Nemausus As of Augustus, Gallia-Germania, (countermark Martini-Pangerl Collection 37)


"Eagle Head" on Spanish Local Coin, probably Legionary origin (countermark Martini-Pangerl Collection 6)

A second example

"AVL" on Spanish provincial coin

"CPA" on a Spanish Provincial coin from Colonia Patricia

A rare example of a Countermark on  Fleet Coinage:

Fleet coin showing Marcus Antonius and Octavia (sister of Augustus). Meaning of the countermark is not known (seems to be an anchor)