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Countermarks of Augustus

1.4.1. Countermarks on Moneyer Coins of Augustus Part 1

This section covers:

"AVC" (in combination with "TIB", "IMP", "CAE", "PP"),

"ALAR" of Ala II Arvacorum, based in Pannonia  (Kos 1984, Germania 62, p47-54) (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 74)

"APRON" (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 112)

APRON APRON likely for a roman official with the name of Apronius, possibly L. Apronius, governor of Africa under Tiberius, on a moneyer sestertius of Augustus
another look at the same example

"AVC" on Sestertius and below dupondius of Augustus, Pannonia (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection  75)

"AVC, AVC" imitation

"AVC" on Moneyer As (so called Carnuntum type)

Typical "AVC" with AV ligated on imitation As of Augustus, Pannonia, so called Carnuntum type

"AVC" on reverse of Augustus Moneyer Dupondius, maybe from Pannonia

Another "AVC" imitation countermark on an imitation coin

Subtypes and Imitations of AVC:
Imitation "AVI" probably for "AVC" on reverse of Augustus moneyer As, Pannonia

Another imitation coin with various imitation countermarks, also of "AVC"

"AVG" on As of Augustus, unusual type on Text, Pannonia or Germania

Another "AVC" related countermark on a moneyer coin imitation of the Augustus period

AVC in Combination:

"AVC" and "TIB" partially visible on halved As of Augustus (first countermarked, then halved), Germania Superior

"AVC" on obverse and "IMP" on reverse of Augustus moneyer As, Pannonia

"AVC" and "CAE" imitation countermarks on imitation As (above) and Sestertius (below) of Augustus, Pannonia

"AVC" and "TICAE" imitation countermarks on imitation Dupondius of Augustus, Moesia

"AVC" imitation and "TICAE" imitation countermark on imitation coins, Moesia

Combination of "AVC"  & "TICAE" (Moesia) and "PP"  &  "CAE" (Pannonia)
on regular and imitation Dupondius of Augustus


"BPV" countermark on moneyer as of Augustus, an imitation of the large Germania Superior "TIB*IM" type


"CAE" countermark on imitation moneyer dupondius of Augustus, Moesia-Pannonia (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 77)

CAE, IMP, XI on imitation moneyer dupondius

Crude imitation countermark "CAE" on imitation Dupondius of Augustus, Pannonia (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 77)

"CAE" & "PP"   (from Pannonia, on irregular Moneyer Dupondius) (countermarks Martini Pangerl Collection 77 & MPC 81)

"CAE" & "IMP imitation (?)"
(from Pannonia, on irregular Moneyer Dupondius) (CAE countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 77), on moneyer sestertius


"CAESAR" in ligature, mostly on Augustus AEs, suggested to stand for Caesar Germanicus, but maybe also for Caligula or Tiberius himself ? From Germania Inferior. We show this countermark below also on a Drusus Minor As, minted in 22/23 AD, making the attribution to Germanicus very unlikely.
(countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 43)

"CAESAR" on a Drusus Minor As, minted 22/23 AD

Imitation of CAES in ligature

3 more CAESAR countermarks

"CAESAR" and "TIB" round

unknown meaning, from Pannonia
(Scan to follow) (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 78)

Spanish countermark normally only found on Spanish provincial coins, here on moneyer As of Augustus